The Evolution of the Reader

My first attempt at writing my novel, Lucidity, was with a notebook and pen in hand. ( Yeah – totally old school – I know!)  My experience with translating my thoughts from my head to a laptop was minimal.  I needed to feel the pen moving with my thoughts.  However, as I began the creative process of composition, I quickly realized my brain was working much faster then my fingers…and in the end, I could barely read my handwriting.  So the future of my writing skills became iminent…I had to make the switch to writing on the keyboard.  And believe it or not, it’s my “preferred” method of writing now.

With this in mind, I still prefer reading a book in the format of a – well – book.  I can’t get the hang of reading on a screen…or at least, I don’t find nearly as much enjoyment in it.  I like to hold the book, smell the book, dog-ear the pages, and underline particular phrases that grab my attention.  And if a book is a favorite, I enjoy seeing it on my shelf…ready to pick up whenever my heart desires.

Yet, I have to wonder.  What if I “trained” my brain to read on a kindle…or a nook.  After my keyboard versus pen and pencil switch, I must admit it could be possible to let go of yesterday’s ways and grasp tomorrow’s revelations.

I’ve done it with the ipod…gone is my CD collection (except for the three cases I carry in my car).  I’ve done it many times over with taking college courses…good-bye classroom, hello blackboard.  And when is the last time I’ve sent my mom a letter?  Email is so much faster.

Which leads me to this…the younger generations are evolving as readers.  Their brains have adapted to computer screens which encompass all aspects of their lives.  So, when I ponder the question…will ebooks be the wave of the future, I can not rule it out.  It’s simply the natural evolution of the reader.

-Posted by Angela Burke


The Love Story Paradox

The Love Story Paradox by Angela Burke

As I finished writing my debut novel, Lucidity, I had difficulty determining what genre the story fit into.  I was stuck.  It certainly didn’t meet the criteria for the traditional romance genre, nor was it an exact fit for the realm of paranormal.  Eventually I was given a bit of advice and it was determined that Lucidity would be categorized as mainstream fiction containing a love story.  Ah…a love story.  Of course.  And what exactly is that?
I suppose a love story could be considered a new term for the old tragedy. True to its name, a love story must contain, well, yes, love.  But it is the element of misfortune that sets apart this unique sub-genre from most romantic stories.  A love story doesn’t guarantee a happy ending and yet, it is the critical component of tragedy that makes it unforgettable.
Life is full of contradictions – the night versus the day, the winter cold versus the summer heat, femininity in contrast to masculinity.  To recognize the opposite is to understand the whole.  The love story paradox is simple.   To know love, we must know loss.  And we can only experience loss if we have loved.
Perhaps this is the appeal of the love story – to seek an understanding, a balance – between idealism and realism.  Tragedy enables us to appreciate the entire circle of human experience…the so-called yin yang of our universe.
Read any love story – Romeo and Juliet, The Bridges of Madison County, The Notebook – and you will discover the irony in life and death, love and loss, and the darks and lights of life.
But perhaps the real paradox is what we experience as a reader.  Aristotle believed that tragedy leads to catharsis, or a purging of heartbreaking emotions.  It is through tragedy that we find healing.

If you would like to learn more about author Angela Burke, you can find her at  Lucidity is her debut novel published by Solstice Publishing  ( ).  It is available at most e-book sites and in print through Amazon.

LUCIDITY by Angela Burke
Raya Walden doesn’t believe in ghosts…just the thought sends shivers up her spine.  But as she falls in love with Jack Castille during a summer job at the rustic Hideaway Lodge, a resort nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Raya discovers she has an undisclosed paranormal talent.  A talent that she doesn’t want.  Yet it is this gift that will ultimately save her life…
Lucidity is a story about the secrets of the unknown, the essence of the spirit and the endurance of love….will you believe?