I’ll See You on the Dark Side of the Moon…

What indicates the presence of good music?  Is it popularity?  Originality?  The musician’s skills?  Or simply a combo of all of the above?  Yeah, probably, but I think timelessness is the best indicator.

Recently, my boyfriend and I attended a concert at RedRocks in Denver…gotta love that place!  The opening act – awesome!  But it was the unexpected Flaming Lips performing Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon CD, with a little mix of Wizard of Ozz, that demonstrated timelessness.

As I looked around me at the packed amphitheater, one thing was evident.  The crazy, young college kids knew the words to all of the songs.  In fact, it didn’t matter what age someone was – they knew the words to the songs.  And this binding fact crossed the generational gap – not in a superficial way – but a natural way.

As we look for methods to connect with others that may be of a different generation, a different political party, a different religion or culture, let’s not forget the riveting power of music.  It doesn’t have to be so complicated….

By Freckles

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