The Road Less Traveled…

Okay…I’ll admit it.  I tend to get bored easily.  Maybe that’s why I love trail running.  Not that “road running” doesn’t serve its purpose…it does…at least in January when the trails are covered in several feet of snow.  But I can’t seem to get past the monotany of the road…it lacks, for use of a better word, adventure?  Yeah…adventure.

Running down the trail, you never know what you might encounter.  Sure, chances are probable that you might run into a bull moose here and there…or maybe a kamakazi mountain biker going mock ten down the mountain.  There is occasional road rash involved when your foot trips over that unforseen boulder littering the path.  But overall?  The peace, the serenity, and the beauty of the trails is what makes it a nirvanic experience.

Time passes in fleeting waves on the solitary trail….

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by Freckles


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