Top Tips when Fishing with Kids

Colorado River - brown trout

→ Bring plenty of snacks and drinks for hunger and bribery.

→ Don’t forget extra clothes – for weather or for after jumping into the frigid river.

→Worms…worms…and more worms.  Keep it easy and simple, but remember, the Spiderman fishing rod may not bring in that 20 incher.

→ Don’t forget the patience!  Once you’re in a boat on the river, it’s too late to call that babysitter.

→Have a frosty, adult beverage ready to go in your fridge at home!

→Most importantly, have fun!

Have any of your own tips?  We’d love to hear them!  Please post!

3 responses to “Top Tips when Fishing with Kids

  1. No good “fishin rivers” here in Illinois, but I hit the old strip mines every week for some great bass fishing. My daughter used to love to fish, but now she just likes to ride in the boat and read a book. Still, she’s there to “fight” a good one if Dad hooks it.


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