ONCE-LOST Reflections: The Complexities of Jack and Emma

By Angela Burke

For the heartbroken LOST fans out there, ABC’s Once Upon a Time is a new chapter in riveting, mind-provoking television.  And have you noticed the interesting parallels between Lost’s protagonist, Jack Shepard, with Once’s Emma Swan?  Both characters are deeply conflicted and broken, and yet their inner strength to survive allows them to be natural-born leaders. But the most profound comparison between the two characters is their need to see proof in order to believe.  Both Jack and Emma are logical in nature and this creates inner turmoil as they search for truths that are not tangibly apparent.

This leads to the latest episode, “Hat Trick”.  Emma is forced to question the reality of Storybrooke, and although her logical mind seems to prevail, her walls are gradually crumbling.  Much like Jack transformed from a man of science, to a man of faith, I think that we will begin to see this transformation in Emma as the series continues.

We all have Jack and Emma’s logical side within our own selves.  I think this rational side of us intensifies as we transition from childhood to adulthood.  We are bombarded with the “realities” of the world – many of them too cruel to comprehend.  We begin to believe we are not smart enough, not pretty enough, not rich enough…the list goes on and on.   We become broken, much like Jack and Emma.  We deal with our damaged selves in not-so-great ways.  Jack turned to alcholol and drugs.  Emma was a non-committing drifter until she came to Storybrooke.  The point being, we need to reconnect with that imaginative, creative, unique aspects of ourselves that allows us to believe in a different reality than what we face daily in the chaotic hustle and bustle.  We need to laugh.  We need to play.  We need to keep dreaming because it is through our imagination of what is possible, that an alternative reality of hope emerges.

Jennifer Morrison plays Emma Swan.

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