Mountain Kids

Hiking with Kids….

Just go with it

Yeah, I’ve been there.  Half way down the trail, on our way to an awesome destination, and all hell breaks loose.  It’s bound to happen to the best of us…and let’s face it, hiking with kids ain’t easy.

So what do ya do to keep them kids a-moving without encountering the “how much longer” whine, or an all-out meltdown?

I’ve resorted to imagination….and it works…at least for awhile.

So, I have a 1, 4 and 9 year old…all of differing likes and personalities.  What they all have in common, however, is their thirst for using their imagination.  While hiking to our favorite destination – a small waterfall loop about 3 miles long – we have made a habit of “pretending!”  The boys look over their shoulder for the one-eyed giants and the trolls lurking under the log bridges, while my daughter (whom I’m carrying in a backpack) is awed by their crazy excitement.  We’ve found fairies who’ve proved to be quite helpful in tipping us off about an approaching dragon in the forbidden, haunted forest, and we have skipped over pools of lava.

Although this takes some extra energy…it’s worth it because we are able to finish a hike on a positive tone…no tears, no whining, and best of all, a resounding cheer of “can we do this again?”

Now, where’s that margarita mix?

Strawberry Fields Forever…

It is August and yes, that means Fall is right around the corner, here, above 8,000 feet.  But it also means strawberries!  And I can’t think of a better way to spend those last few precious days before school starts with kids!

Of course, knowing where to hit “the jackpot” as my two year old says, is most critical.  Sorry – I won’t divulge my best-strawberry-picking location, but head down most any mountain trail and you will find the delicate, viny strawberry plant…and nestled close to the ground, the tiny, yet delectable, bright red strawberries!

Kids of all ages can get into this adventure.  The result…sweet, strawberry bliss.

Strawberries free stock image


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