Hiking/Camping Review

Returning to the Source…

August is the perfect time to head into the High Country and hike…the snow has melted, the air is dry, and the trails are calling!

Recently my Dad and I ventured to the headwaters of the Colorado River.  Hiking into the mountains above Grand Lake, Colorado, it is profound to think that the meager stream coursing beside the trail is the source of the Colorado River which winds its way to The Sea of Cortez (or more familiarly – The Gulf of California), carving the magnificent Grand Canyon and providing water throughout the southwest.

Meditating on this thought, the softness of this water is a marvel…and yet it possesses a strength beyond the hard rocks it shapes.

78th Verse of the Tao de Ching
Nothing in the world is softer
and weaker than water.
But for attacking the hard, the unyielding,
nothing can surpass it.
There is nothing like it.
The weak overcomes the strong;
the soft surpasses the hard.

Living like water is true wisdom, and yet so difficult.

Looking into the calm, glass-like water of the high mountain lake my dad and I reached, it became evident.  When we are calm, our reflection is clear…our minds are lucid.  But if we attempt to see ourselves in turbulent water, the image is blurry and vague.  Life’s journey is full of turbulence, but only when we seek the clarity of Our Source, can we truly understand our direction.

I love you Dad!  This is your belated Father’s Day gift…

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